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Back Up Power Generators Typical Systems and Costs

Option A - Non-Automatic Power Generator System - Portable Unit
Portable generators can be plugged into your property with a cord / outlet and switch set up.

Option B - Automatic Power Generator System - Permanent Unit
Permanent system will automatically start up in the event of a power outage. This system will require a fuel supply installation such as natural gas or a gasoline supply tank.

Typical Cost for Option A - Non-Automatic Power Generator System - Residential
Portable Generator supplied by the property owner (with our guidance) -------------No Cost
Electrical Installations for Connection Cord, Outlet and Switch ----------------------------$1,250

Typical Cost for Option B - Automatic Power Generator System - Residential
8,000 watt Automatic Standby Generator (approx.) -------------------------------------------$3,100
Automatic Transfer Switch (approx.) --------------------------------------------------------------$1,900
Fuel Supply installation such as LP Gas (approx.) -----------------------------------------------$900
Electrical installations for all the above -----------------------------------------------------------$4,000

Note: - These options are meant to explain the costs in providing the minimum amount of power needed during an outage. The power estimation for your property is based on essential loads such as lighting, furnace, refrigerator, and etc. AC units may drain the system and shut it down.
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