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What We Offer

Petrocelli & Sons strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced solutions for all your electrical needs from residential to industrial.


Natural Gas Powered Electric Generator Service

Over the past few years we’ve had more power outages than all the previous 30 years combined. These outages often occur at times when we need reliable power the most. Whether it’s for your basement sump pumps, heating system in the Winter, or A/C on those really hot days when we have brown outs, having a natural gas powered generator will give you peace of mind.

We now provide a variety of affordable options and are ready to take care of your back up generator needs immediately.


Chlorine Generator for Your Above or In-Ground Pool

More and more homeowners are switching from costly chlorine and alternative sanitizers to using a simplified, low maintenance chlorine generator. Here’s how it works:

Salt specifically designed for swimming pools (iodine free) is added to your water with an intended level of 2800 to 3400 PPM. The chemical components of salt are Sodium and Chlorine. They combine chemically to form Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Your chlorine generator is installed as the last item on the return pipe to your pool. When it is activated, electric plates inside the device initiate an electrolysis resulting in a chemical reaction that produces hypochlorous acid and sodium hpochlorite which are powerful santizing agents.

Pools that use chlorine generators don’t have a very noticable “salty” taste and definitely do not give off a chlorine smell while swimming or when you get out. They require very little maintenance and will save you hundreds of dollars a year on pool chemicals.