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Electrical Investigations

Electrical Diagnosis Investigations

Petrocelli & Sons can perform all Investigation Services.

Need a full, in-depth document on an electrical matter?

Need a simple explanation for an electrical matter?

Need a solution to an electrical problem that no one else can find?

Petrocelli and Sons Electrical Contractors can analyze any electrical situation within your property whether its a small ranch, multi-family dwelling, or high apartment building. It could be for your high energy bills, electrical problems, burning smells, brown outs, or whatever you are concerned about! Make the call better safe than sorry, believe us we have seen it all and fix anything you need.

We will track it down and put it in writing for you, your landlord or legal situation. Once given the job Petrocelli and Sons will correct the problem on time and when you need to have it done. That\’s why we put our NAME on the business for our high quality service and our REPUTATION in the industry is second to none.