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Electrical Protection

Spike / Surge Protectors

An electrical device that provides protection for the electrical items within a property can the called a “spike” or “surge protector”. It’s commonly used to protect computers and other sensitive equipment from surges that can occur in the wiring. Although the wiring in your property can handle many variations of voltage, any item that has electronic components inside it can not. Electrical surges can occur from a number of sources, namely lightning, problems in the utility company lines, and the basic surges that occur while motors and compressors for refrigerators and air conditioners turn on to name a few.

A spike is a brief increase in the voltage intensity and a surge is an increase that endures a bit longer than a spike. In either case the voltage increases generally endures for less then a second and surge protectors can prevent many of the problems resulting from spikes and surges. Surge Protector Equipment can be purchased as a receptacle strip or a box form end that contains a number of receptacles to plug equipment into. UPS Systems (Un-interruptible Power Supply) are the best protection for computers or computer networking systems. They not only provide the best spike and surge protection, they also keep a constant operating voltage supplied during a black out keeping the equipment online for the duration of their rating.

GFI Receptacles

An electrical device that provides protection for you is called a “GFI Receptacle” (Ground Fault Interrupter). You’ve been seeing them everywhere lately because of the safety they provide. Electrical grounding is still very important for electrical safety but these devices work even better.

GFI Receptacles always have a test and reset button and they are meant for standard use. They are required by code for areas that may be hazardous and should be found in locations where one could come in contact with water such as bathrooms, kitchens, outside electrical receptacles, basement, etc.

These GFI Receptacles are meant to shut down immediately before you can get an electric shock from the item plugged in. Press your test button to be sure they are working!